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The Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN) is a membership based non-government organization working in injury/violence prevention and safety promotion.  It builds on the collective expertise of the 60 Accredited Safe Communities and the organizations that support their safe community efforts. Rules of association are available here.


Governance framework of PPSCN incorporates the interface with members and stakeholders, the source of strategic decisions that shape the PPSCN and its work, and ultimate accountability for the work and actions of the organisation.  Principles include: participation; transparency; responsiveness; consensus orientation; equity; sharing of resources; effectiveness and efficiency; accountability and strategic vision.

Governance is provided through a board comprising of communities and support organisations. See current board members here.


The current structure of the PPSCN is below:









PPSCN Safe Community Accrediting Centres are the peak body for safe communities in their country.  They are the visible champion in community-based injury/violence prevention and safety promotion building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.  They ensure that communities adhere to the PPSCN accreditation standards.

PPSCN Support Centres provide education, support, assistance and advice in injury/violence prevention and safety promotion to the communities in their country and the Pan Pacific network.  Support Centres work in conjunction with their in-country accrediting centre and are committed to the principles and framework of the PPSCN.

To become a PPSCN Safe Community accrediting centre please read the criteria

To become a PPSCN support centre please read the criteria