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In 2010 a new international (four-nation) alliance was formed from a well-established grassroots community movement, dedicated to saving lives and reducing the fear, cost and pain caused by preventable injury and violence. The ‘Safe Communities’ Foundations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States united to form the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN), with the goal of addressing safety issues at a local level and improve the implementation of effective injury prevention and safety  promotion practices within the many communities of the Pan Pacific region.

The driving philosophy of the ‘Safe Communities’ movement, established in Sweden in the 1980s, is to  promote a culture of safety, and to prevent injuries in all areas, for all ages, in all environments and situations, involving government, non-government and community sectors.

“ By working together we exemplify the mission and vision of the Safe Communities movement. The Pan Pacific Network is well-placed to steer the growth of the Safe Communities movement now and in the future.  From our collective experience, the benefits of having all sectors working together in a coordinated and collaborative way, forming partnerships to promote safety, manage risk and develop safer environments leads to an increase in the overall safety of members”, said the Co-Chairs of the PPSCN.

“This new international alliance took  the ‘Safe Communities’ concept to new heights”

How we developed?

2010 – PPSCN established

2011- Initial Coordinating Committee established

2011- Website developed

2011 – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – service level agreements

2012- Face to face meeting at Safety 2012

2013 – PPSCN NGO/ PPSCN Rules of Association

2014- Engaged in process for official relations with WHO

2015 - Election of Board

2015 -First Annual General Meeting, WHO 6 monthly reporting established

2016 - Joint presentation at World Safety Conference 2016,  Communication strategy developed

2017- Communication strategy finalised, Canada orientates focus to national Community Safety collaboration

2018- Face to face meeting between WHO Violence and Injury Prevention and the PPSCN