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Charter of the PPSCN


  • Safety is a human right
  • Safety is a shared responsibility
  • Safety is an attainable aspiration


All people living in the Pan Pacific region are able to enjoy their lives free from the fear, cost and pain of preventable injury and violence.


To improve networking and collaboration between Safe Communities in New Zealand, United States of America, Australia and Canada and, as determined appropriate by other nations, other countries geographically located in the Pan Pacific region.


Core beliefs underpinning the principles, vision, mission and objectives of PPSCN:

The PPSCN is a living expression of holistic, inclusive and empowering asset-based community development approaches through the promotion of:

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Participation and partnerships
  • Honesty, respect and integrity
  • Celebration of strengths and successes
  • Appropriate, timely respectful communications
  • Acknowledging and welcoming differences.